A Returning Student's Balancing Act


This last fall when I started here at Olympic College this was my biggest challenge.  Not only had I been out of school for several years but I work full time, I am married and have three children at home. With a supportive family I am thriving here at OC without feeling like I have given anything up. 

What makes this work is the variety of classes with later start times and the opportunity of online classes.  I can create a schedule each quarter and make sure it is balanced enough so that I still have time for my family, work and, of course, homework.

With my family life I think going back to school has brought us closer together. My daughters and I do homework together and I can even help with their math problems. Outside of the homework grind, I have even managed some quality time with my family.

On Friday nights we usually have pizza and movie night. My husband and I now set a side every Sunday morning together with just the two of us.  We sneak out for breakfast then do some shopping for the week.  We never used to set aside time every week for just the two of us, and it has been amazing! Before I went back to school I think we took family time for granted and when we all got home from work or school we would go our separate ways. 

Going back to school is the best decision I have made in a long time.  Olympic College does a great job organizing classes with different time frames, and the professors here have all been great in helping the students succed.  If someone is thinking of going back to school but thinks that they do not have the time, I would say think again.  If something is important to you, you will take the time and make the effort!