A Holiday for Everyone

By Emily Hall
Copy Editor

It is once again the season of love. As the middle of February draws nigh, one may expect to see a multitude of pink and red hearts; and, even naked flying babies, matchmakers wielding bows and arrows that draw together the most unlikely of couples.           

What is the meaning of this? Valentine’s Day of course! A holiday that honors the love and romance shared in all relationships. It happens every year on Feb. 14.

Customarily, couples enjoy going out for dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant and then watching a romantic comedy, often a subpar one starring Adam Sandler or something. Others prefer to stay at home, providing the ultimate home-cooked productions for their loved ones. Around Kitsap County, there are a myriad of events taking place at bars and restaurants. A couple could benefit from the countless 2 for 1 deals, making for a wholesome date. Additionally, the Olympic College Culinary Arts Program is offering a gourmet four-course meal complete with wine and dessert at the Fireside Bistro on the Bremerton campus.

For those still unsure about Valentine’s Day plans, a twosome can look no further than a regimen of “Netflix and Chill”. If physically inclined, they might be interested in hiking the Peninsula’s numerous trails, in order to admire not only each other’s beauty, but also Mother Nature’s. This can also provide lasting memories if a promising “question” is to be popped. For this treasured moment, make sure to bring a camera with fresh batteries.

What about those without a sweetheart? What about those who deject the ubiquitous commercialism that Valentine’s Day seems to boast, who cynically label this day to be a “Hallmark holiday”? For these reasons, there is an alternative. On Feb. 15, many observe Single Awareness Day (ironically, SAD). This holiday is celebrated for single people who would otherwise be spending the day alone. Instead, singles everywhere gather to either celebrate or commiserate their “forever alone-ness”. They convene in bars to drunkenly belt out Bruno Mars, or they volunteer to provide assistance to the community. Singles are encouraged to reach out to others who are single to spread positivity. The message behind Single Awareness Day is that there is no shame in being without a romantic partner.

Whether single or in a relationship, there is a holiday for everyone to celebrate. Valentine’s Day/SAD are opportunities to manifest love for people who genuinely care.