The Olympic College Club Fair

By Travis Phillips
Financial Director


Upon arrival at the Olympic College campus, one could hear the tasteful music pouring out of the doors to the Bremer Student Center (BSC). Out of curiosity, a quick stop inside the BSC was necessary. Immediately inside the doors could be seen a skilled DJ, Andrew Cudlipp AKA DJ 5TOES, scratching a mix of classic early 90’s hip-hop, including OutKast and Jay-Z along with various Modern EDM and Underground music artists from the east and west coast. Each song transition and drop was flawless. The music gave a real incentive to check out all the “commotion” in the BSC. To the right of the DJ was a presentation of the current clubs offered at Olympic. These clubs include various multi-cultural clubs, along with special interests and even sports. Together they filled the entire Bremer Student Center.

Above: The DJ at the event accompanied  with his mixing device. Below: The Video Game battling in  Super Smash Bros.  Photos by Travis Phillips

Above: The DJ at the event accompanied  with his mixing device. Below: The Video Game battling in  Super Smash Bros. 
Photos by Travis Phillips

The Video Game Club supplied their own TV equipped with a GameCube and Wii U for students to use freely during the event. At any given moment there was at least four people battling in Super Smash Bros with an entire group of spectators watching for the winner. Video Game Club meets Mondays and Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m. in BSC 122, but there are usually members present every day that are getting their game on.

Wrestling Club (WCOC) was right on the corner of all the club tables and they even brought one of the wrestling mats to present to the students. The Wrestling Club of Olympic College is a club where like-minded individuals can explore, participate and network though the sport of wrestling. WCOC participants can improve their leadership skills, as well as mental toughness and physical attributes through the practices on and off the mat. Betsaid Garcia (Vice President) listed several benefits to joining the wrestling club journey: “It looks good on applications, you become in shape, you make lots of new friends and wrestling builds character.”

One of the members of the club, Dan Gable, added: “Once you have wrestled, everything in life is easy.” WCOC meets at 6:00AM in the upper gym.

The OC Engineering Club meets Wednesdays at 3:10 p.m., located in the Science and Technology building, room 136. They are currently designing and constructing a functioning full-size hovercraft! The president stated: “All that we do is STEM related and has a focus on many fields of engineering… Most meetings include a work session to brainstorm and create!”

After a talking to several clubs, the Olympian hiked up to the Outdoor & Wildlife Club (OWC). Representing the club was President Joseph Stone. When asked what his favorite part about the Outdoor & Wildlife Club was he responded with: “My favorite part is being able to enjoy the outdoors with the proper equipment. This club has the funds to provide all the necessary equipment that would otherwise be expensive to purchase on your own.”

He also added that they take regular hikes to local trails, go fishing, and even have biking trips through Seattle. OWC exists to create opportunities for the students of OC to explore and engage through learning with the beautiful Pacific North West. This would be an excellent club for foreign exchange students who would like the full-hearted experience of this amazing state. Washington State has the most biomes out of any other state in the US varying from rainforests to deserts, and even beaches to cities. We also are home to an array of wetlands, from marshes to rivers. OC encourages everyone to be more active in the outdoors and to get a breath of the freshest air you can find.

The club fair was brought to us by the Student Government of Olympic College (SGOC, formally known as ASOC). The members include Drayton Jackson (SGOC President), Stephen Lavoi (SGOC VP of Finance), L’Marie Davis (SGOC VP of Student Life), Nic Shakely (SGOC Executive Vice-President), Chris Longmire (SGOC VP of Diversity and Equity), Anthony Miller (SGOC VP of Public Relations and Communications), Jane Hill (SGOC Office Assistant), and Faviola Barbosa (Associate Dean of Student Leadership and Development. SGOC Advisor).

Thank you SGOC for all of your efforts and for the amazing experience at the Olympic College Club Fair.