Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire

Kyle Broussard
General Manager

The cart that Jim is known for driving around Photo Taken by Kyle Broussard

The cart that Jim is known for driving around
Photo Taken by Kyle Broussard

A member of the Olympic College family will be leaving at the end of May 2016. Jim Stuart, who is part of the facilities team, is retiring after sixteen long years of working at Olympic College. His service to the school has impacted all members of the staff and faculty, not only through a job well done renovating and improving the campus, but with a friendly smile and humor that is unforgettable: “I’ve worked with him for eight or nine years now and I’ll say there isn’t anyone like him. We’re going to miss him, he’s a great worker and funny as hell,” reflected one of Stuart’s coworkers, Kent Pearcy, in regards to his friend’s impending departure.

Stuart is easily recognizable either working around campus, in the smoke pit or cruising around in his facilities mobile with a distinctive Stewie doll hanging in the back. Following over six years of time in the United States Army, Stuart graduated from Olympic College in 1988 with a degree in Residential Construction and was quickly put to work on the campus.

As his time at OC comes to a close, his plans are a bit broader than most: “I plan to join the City Council,” Stuart said nonchalantly, “in Leibnitz, Austria.” With a delighted smile on his face, Stuart spoke of his plans to head Austria on May 31st to live with his wife, whom he has been married to for over 40 years. He is originally from Germany and his wife is from Slovenia, and Austria is a nice home between the two countries so they can easily visit both of their families.

After watching students come and go for years, he has a very simple message about life for the students: “It’s difficult, yes, but you’re adults. Stick with it and don’t quit.”