Emerald City Comic Con

Photos Taken by Spencer Peterson

Photos Taken by Spencer Peterson

Spencer Peterson
IT Director

During the second week of April, Seattle hosted their annual Emerald City Comic Con. Where fans of comics, video games, movies, art, and so much more can go and meet up to celebrate what they are fans of. Additionally, this is where people can express themselves through cosplay, and is always very diverse in the choices by people, although “Deadpool” was definitely a favorite this year. This is not the only reason fans rejoice at this event.

Celebrities like Nathon Fillion from “Firefly” and “Destiny”, Nolan North from “Uncharted” and many other video games, along with Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead” attended this year. Two huge guests even hosted a panel talking about all sorts of things, these were the “Harry Potter” twins, James and Olver Phelps. One thing they mentioned was how their drama teacher told one of them how he would never be an actor and he should just do something else.

Around the Convention Center where ECCC is held each year, there were places to view comics and art from people all around the industries featured at an event like this. Artists could sell their work, and bigger companies like Valve could sell merchandise exclusive to the Con.

Another huge attraction was a block down the road where they had space rented out for gamers. On the second floor, they had tables set up for all sorts of table top games, board games, and card games where people could join in, learn and start anything. On the third floor, they had an entire room dedicated to playing games of old, and the newer hits. With over 30 consoles and TVs for each, you could play games like “Mario Kart”, “Super Mario Bros.”, “Super Smash Bros.”, “Street Fighter”, and so much more.

ECCC is a place that gets bigger and bigger every year. More and more people come to talk, sign and display their creations for anyone to see. One of, if not the best part, is the cosplay. People dress up as their favorite characters and go out to take pictures, group up and hang out as all sorts of things. The normal time frame is late March to early April, and tickets go on sale toward the middle of the year, expanding more towards the fall, and selling out quick!