Drayton Jackson Welcomes Shannon Turner

Mikayla Kimery

After holding an interview with Drayton Jackson and Shannon Turner, it was clear to see the strong friendship between this two. Witnessing this similar passion for providing the students of Olympic College a voice, I am further elated to see the transition into the new school year for our student government.

Discussed early in the meeting was the connection made between students and administration under Jackson’s presidency. Jackson emphasized that seeing how everything works, and noticing that it was not just cut and dry, he described it as an eye opener. Perhaps maybe the most important result of this was his new power to project that to the students. He stated that when students now ask him or the student government questions, he can now give them the real answer; for example, “why certain programs couldn’t get funded, or why some things weren’t getting done.”

Excited to accept this position, Turner is looking forward to making a connection between the students and the faculty. He expressed that “the faculty wants to make that connection, and the students want that connection, so it’s just a matter of getting everyone together to allow that to happen. That is one of the biggest things I hear talking to students, is that. You know, they don’t understand, they’re not sure how to reach out and they’re afraid of certain repercussions that might take place.”

Shannon Turner, the incoming SGOC President Photo Taken by Mikayla Kimery

Shannon Turner, the incoming SGOC President
Photo Taken by Mikayla Kimery

Turner further stated that making this connection and eliminating those fears would really make everything a lot better. Whether it is the environment on campus to the environment inside the classroom.  By putting everyone on a level playing field, “the faculty will finally understand where the students are coming from, and the students will finally understand, exactly where the faculty is coming from.”

When asked what his biggest impact on the school was from this position, Jackson answered “making student government strong.” He noted the transition from ASOC to SGOC, and also stressed the importance of teamwork by mentioning that it was really the entire student government who made this lasting legacy on campus. “Once we started gelling after the first couple months, and we started to know each other, I mean in my mind we ended up becoming a really strong force.”

Jackson was further excited to hear Turner’s plan next year of closing the gap between gap and faculty. He explained that was his original goal coming into this position, but that was not possible because “the disconnect between student government and administration was just so, far.”

Turner is really excited to have Nic Shakely still on his team for next year. “Having that advice is knowledge is very beneficial, besides that it is a whole new team. Except for Susan, excuse me, Susan from Shelton campus… For me that is a blessing.” He also wants to bring the campuses together in a new direction with new things.

Susan Reynolds is Vice President of the Poulsbo campus, and Jackson acclaimed her for helping them reach their goals. “She did excellent, I mean she, she basically made us widen the other campus and make us focus on the other campuses, that was another goal that we set for this year.”
All in all, the student government this year has succeeded in planting a tree, and now it is time for Turner to maintain it and aid in its growth. Jackson was proud to acknowledge Turner for all of his hard work, and that he knew the transition from him to Turner “would not miss a step.”

We at The Olympian are very excited to see where Turner and the rest of SGOC take our campus next year.