Farewell to a Learning Experience

Drayton Jackson
Former SGOC President

Mikayla Kimery

It has been a great learning experience.

Drayton Jackson sharing a laugh at the ground Breaking Ceremony Photos Taken by Travis Phillips

Drayton Jackson sharing a laugh at the ground Breaking Ceremony
Photos Taken by Travis Phillips

As my time as your Student Body President comes to an end, I hope that I have served each of you well.  I hope you were satisfied with the leadership that I wanted to create for all of us as students of Olympic College.

It was always our goal to speak on your behalf. We fought for the things we felt represent the student body of OC on all campuses. As president, there were many challenging times in making sure that our voices as students were heard by the Board of Trustee, the faculty, the administration, the staff and the community. Each time that I was blessed with the opportunity to speak on your behalf throughout Washington State, I did so with the understanding that we, as community college students, are important to the fabric of higher education. It was my desire for people to understand that two-year college students have it harder than other students, because many of us are parents and workers; many of us are older or running start students; others are athletes or from other countries across the world, but most of all we are students juggling many things. As an older student returning to college myself, I wanted to make sure I represented not just the older student body but those students who are struggling with multiple jobs trying to make ends meet. In my many meetings with OC President, Dr. Mitchell, I made sure I voiced your concerns in our conversations, because it was an important part of our administration to push your issues and concerns as students to administration and faculty. I hope we served you well in doing so. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my colleagues for trusting in me as “the leader” to go forward and move us in a direction that has hopefully brought pride to the students of OC. Together as a team, I hope we were able to really represent each one the students in our position, vision, and voiceThank you Executive Vice President Nic Shakley; Vice President of Communications, Anthony Miller; Vice President of Finance, Stephen Lavoie; Vice President of Student Life, L’Marie Davis; Vice President of Diversity, Christopher Longmire; Vice President of Shelton, Suzy Reynolds; Vice President of Poulsbo, Allison Pace and Riley Talent for your service.

I also want to thank the following people who without them we could have never been______

Faviola Barbosa, Student Government of OC Advisor, who helped guide us in the right direction with conversation and well as insight;

Dr. Damon Bell, Vice President Student Service and Achievement, who has an open door policy to ensure student’s voices are being heard, through student government;

Professor Philip Matthews, who started me on the track of leadership and has become a great mentor for me in my leadership growth;

Candace Alvarez, who sat next to me during the Board of Trustee meetings and talked about issues quickly, quietly but effectively during these meetings;

Ted Baldwin who I respect for his leadership and words of wisdom, (we never did get to compete with professors. One day, one day);

Our Board of Trustees for their support and who trusted the student government in our direction and extended a listening ear to student voices of where we wanted to go. Also, for being an example of what team leadership should look like;

Cheryl Nunez, Vice President Equity and Inclusion for opening the door to communication with student leadership on how to make voting equity allowable for the students;

Jodie Collins and Anjelica Roxas of Multicultural Support Services for always supporting student government all these years and Jodie’s commitment to making multicultural strong and a place where students can go and grow;

David Emmons and the OC Foundation and Alumni’ for always supporting and being there when we needed things and always coming through for us no matter what it was;

The Security Team on campus and Tobias MacRobie for holding down the position of Security Director while in transition for a director and to Daniel Walkup, for stepping into that position.  In addition, to the security officers who have been gracious enough to allow our students, on each of our campuses, to become more secure and listen to concerns that student government brought to them about security on our campus;

I want to thank our veterans’ services and club for everything they do for our Veteran students. I wish I could have done more with you all this past year.

Athletic Director, Barry Janausch, and Assistant Director, Jaymie Cox, for nurturing our athletes. For going out and getting such great talent from different places and bringing them to OC. For building our athletes and making them great as well as helping them to understand that they still have a career to move forward on;

To the many athletes in each of their disciplineswho came to SGOC for a conversation or directions but mostly your commitment to representing OC going out and performing in the best way every time;  .

To all of the club presidents that stepped up to either creating, running or guiding the various OC clubs and the members of each club for supporting and being engaged;

I want to thank Professors Terry Major, Sonia Richardson and Kim MacNamara for saying that I should look into Student Leadership at OC as well as seeing it in me.

The Mentors for each of the Student Government positions for your time with us. I do want to expressly thank my mentor, Dr. David Mitchell, President of Olympic College, for being concerned about the student body each time I spoke with him on their behalf. Also for wanting to know how the students were feeling and for always wanting to help in anyway shape or form.

Mostly though, I want to take time to thank all of you, the student body, because without you there is no OC. I thank you for supporting not only myself but all of student government and allowing us to be your voice. I thank you for your trust and all those who expressed that they are excited and happy about what student government has done this year.

However, I urge all of you to be a part of the political atmosphere on campus. It was a joy to know that the last seven years, this year has been the highest voting turnout for OC. I believe your 2016-17 SGOC administration coming in will continue to be strong as well with our Poulsbo and Shelton campuses with returning leadership of Suzy Reynolds on the Shelton campus and the new leadership in Poulsbo.

In my first Board of Trustee meeting, I express that “I only see one OC” and that we should always represent as one. That still sticks with me, because this is my college; my future alma mater; the place that I take pride in, where I will learn and grow to become a leader and hopefully a voice for those who are in need. I humbly thank you all.