Olympic College Celebrates Seattle Pride

Emily Hall


By noon on Sunday, the vast concrete structure beneath the Interstate-5 in Seattle was in organized pre-parade pandemonium. There were four different songs blaring from loudspeakers on the floats, which were bedazzled with sparkles, colorful feather boas and young men and women wearing flamboyant costumes. Rabbles of people convened to participate in loud, boisterous chatter. And amidst it all were Olympic College students who had been awake since the first light of dawn to march in Seattle Pride.

Photo Taken By Wesley Bonetti

Photo Taken By Wesley Bonetti

Seattle Pride is a day of festivities that celebrates the accomplishments for LGBT rights. This was the city’s 42nd annual event, occurring on Sunday, June 26 with a parade running along 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle. A myriad of businesses and organizations showed up; each possessing personalized flair to show their support of equality for all. Some groups rehearsed a robust dance routine, while businesses marched down the street passing out items such as tins of mints and car air-fresheners. No parade-goer was left without a freebie on this day.

The weather had conveniently made itself presentable for this day of jubilee. With a high temperature of 77 and not a single cloud in sight, there was no chance that the parade and festivities afterward would get cancelled. In fact, by day’s end, many of Olympic College’s parade marchers developed mild sunburns. Nevertheless, the preceding weeks of rain handily subsided so the celebrators of Seattle Pride could share a universal message of love.

This year marks the one-year anniversary since the Supreme Court made a ruling that permits same-sex couples to marry. Furthermore, it is also the first Seattle Pride event where Olympic College has made an appearance. Newly-elected SGOC President Shannon Turner and departing SGOC President Drayton Jackson joined several other SGOC members and Olympic College students in “supporting solidarity through pride”. Wearing white v-necked shirts printed with that phrase and rainbow raised fists, the students who took part in this event symbolized Olympic College’s growing support for LGBT civil rights.

Students who will be attending Olympic College next year can expect to see more opportunities to raise awareness on LGBT equality.