Passing the Torch

Spencer Peterson
IT Director


What started as just a job to actually have some money turned into a lot more. I joined The Olympian back in September after seeing a flyer while I was waiting for a meeting that was delayed. Annoyed by the time being wasted, I used it to change my entire school year.

Around that time, Kyle Broussard and Miranda Duplissey, General Manager and then-Public Relations Director of The Olympian respectively, were hard at work, putting in more hours than what should be physically possible into bringing Olympic College a newspaper to be proud of.

A special note for Spencer, from the office bulletin board Photos Taken by Erin Howard

A special note for Spencer, from the office bulletin board
Photos Taken by Erin Howard

I was brought on to be the IT director, and as time went on my job switched to mostly being the website manager and, like every other employee, a writer. Like the college, The Olympian was made up of all sorts of people, age and education. For me, I was a running start student who would graduate with an AA in the spring. This was the case for a couple other workers, but others were older and looking to transfer to another college.

These differences showed where The Olympian became more of a job. We got a paper out each month, but still managed to all be friends that enjoyed hanging out and working together to make something for the people of the school. In addition, The Olympian helped bring the newest issue of Blended, the literary magazine of Olympic College, to the website which opened it up to everyone at the school.

The team of 2015-2016 worked hard each month to change the paper. Kyle Broussard scheduled meetings with faculty and interviewees, coordinated staff, and made connections to benefit the paper. Miranda Duplissey wrangled up advertisements for the paper and to help it grow.

Mikayla Kimery, Editor-in-Chief, formatted the paper through the last half of the year and worked with her team of editors to produce the work of others into a full product. Courtney Cass and Emily Hall were the main reporters and editors who brought amazing articles to everyone.

Travis Phillips, Financial Director, and Joey Criswell were two of the greatest photographers on the team. They brought pictures to the website and paper to assist the already great articles written by the staff.

The end of the year was a bittersweet one, with almost everyone moving on to bigger and better things. Having to split up after working as a great team for as long as we did will be quite the change.

That isn’t close to the end of The Olympian’s journey, however. With suburb students such as Erin Howard, Josh Hemphill, and the former SGOC president Drayton Jackson leading the way, they will take The Olympian in the direction it is set to go, and it will continue to grow like the students running it.