“American Sniper"


One of the first and most powerful movies to come out this year was “American Sniper.” With deep and intriguing story paired with intense images, this film will be one to remember.


The movie follows the life of an American special operations sniper Chris Kyle.

His experiences during the early parts of the Iraqi conflict are deeply emotional and show cases what it truly means to be a solider abroad. This in depth look at emotion sets “American Sniper” apart from the many war movies that choose to focus on the shock and power of a war zone and the devastation that is present.


Kyle is portrayed by Bradley Cooper, known for movies like “The Hangover”, “Silver Linings Playbook”, or “Limitless.” Coopers performance was moving, the depth of emotion stunning and was by far the best I have ever seen him. The devastation he portrays gives you a sense of genuine emotion and allowed me to truly experience the horror he witnessed.


The movie focuses on the damage his tours had on his psyche and the cinematic portrayal reinforces the harm done. The intensity was increased by the jump cuts between the US and Iraq. The stamp at the bottom listing which tour he was on highlighted just how quickly and how many times he had left his family for duty to his country.


By the end of the movie I felt a massive sense of respect for the man. The movie is one I think everyone should see. Well-paced and well written, it pays homage to the soldiers who have come home from a war their thoughts have yet to leave. I recommend everyone see this movie, irregardless of your military background or lack thereof.