Fifty Shades of Grey


First off Fifty Shades of Grey is a weird movie, and the content most definitely not suitable for youngsters. Granted most of the thematic elements are off the beaten path of what most people are used to. I am not condemning nor do I mean to offend anyone; what people do in their own homes is up to them. That said, in reference to mainstream society, the BDSM culture portrayed in the movie is different and I found the execution borderline unsettling. 


The sex scenes in the movie are really not the strangest part. The way Grey stalks the girl in the movie is serial-killeresque. If I had not known about the plot, I would not even be aware of his desire for her until he vocally addressed it.


The film takes place in Seattle, following a mysterious attraction between a young, handsome billionaire and a young college student. They meet when the girl helps her journalist roommate by conducting an interview with Grey. This movie mainly sets up the baseline for the trilogy and sadly does not exactly pace well. As I stated before, the actors do not pull off the attraction very well. Overall their chemistry on camera felt wrong, almost as though the actors felt uncomfortable with each other. Now the lack of head over heels attitude could very well just be creative license or a deliberate move, either way it affected the way I connected to the characters.

I was interested in seeing this movie purely because of the hype the series attracted. Honestly, if there had not been the amount of publicity it gained, I am not sure I would have stayed until the end. I believe around the 20 minute mark my date and I began making fun of the movie. 


Overall I would recommend watching the movie if you and a few friends have nothing worthwhile to do and want to sit through an uncomfortable 125 minutes.