What Do We Do In The Shadows

Whenever I set out to review a movie, I keep the audience in mind. I consider the person that happens to pick up a copy of newspaper, flip through to discover my words. With those people in mind I decided to veer away from the blockbuster releases and try out a new movie off the beaten path. 


After some trailer cruising I settled on a movie by New Zealand-native film makers Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. The supernatural comedy was entitled “What We Do in the Shadows." In true mockumentary style, the film follows the hilarious lives of three Victorian vampires living together in a "flat." Living with them is Peter, the very creature who turned each of them into the blood sucking beings they were. 


,Although there were plenty of awkward moments where situational comedy reined supreme, it hardly seemed forced. Rather, the real life friendship between the actors shown through in their performance, making everything seem natural (unlike some movies *cough* Fifty Shades of Grey *cough*). Their chemistry mixed with the frequent and well written comedy left me laughing all the way through the movie.


Although there is no deep or even obvious plot line, the script remained true to the comedy. What We Do in the Shadows is consistently funny and consistently interesting. If you are in the mood for a laugh, I highly recommend it.