Girl Rising


"Girl Rising" puts an interesting take on traditionally hard to take content. Shown in profiles of nine different girls, the film looks at the hardships faced by each, with a main focus on hardships faced socially and in pursuit of a better life.

Visually, the movie looks good and the pairing of writers to tell the story is a refreshing change of pace. Each of the nine girls had a writer from their respective countries and a famous Hollywood actor to narrate.

From Liam Neeson to Meryl Streep the entire film rings of familiar voices. Without this I think the movie would take on a different tone. The bright lighting and recognizable voices keeps the more somber moments of the movies from overtaking the happier scenes. There is not much to really say about the movie without drawing out each and every profile but it is definitely one everyone should see.

The movie is less gritty and has an eye-opening message, anything that is intense is discussed but not graphically and all are evils that need to be addressed in the developing world. The movie is widely available on Netflix and other platforms as well as their website where you can see the movie and look at more information on the Girl Rising movement: