"Batman vs. Superman": A Movie Review

By Thomas Hardway
Staff Reporter

Arguably one of the most hyped-up movies for the spring, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” brings together two of the greatest superhero titans for one epic clash of the century….or does it? When all the excitement and buildup fades away, how well does DC's latest big superhero flick really fare?

Henry Cavill reprises his role from “Man of Steel” as Clark Kent a.k.a Superman, while Ben Affleck dons the mask as Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Without spoiling too much, the overall story revolves heavily around the public's waning relationship with Superman and Batman. The people of Metropolis do not think Superman, with all of his godly powers, has fully good intentions; while in Gotham, word spreads of a “bat-vigilante who thinks he's above the law” by fighting criminals and branding their bodies with a bat-symbol, inadvertently acting as a “death mark” in prison.

Being from nearby cities, Superman quickly becomes disapprovingly aware of the caped crusader’s existence, and Batman has a personal grudge against the man of steel for the Kryptonian war he brought to Earth in the previous film. The head honcho of LexCorp, Lex Luthor, decides to take advantage of this by bringing Batman and Superman together, while adding a little extra motivation for the battle by taking Superman's mother hostage.

Overall the story, while decent idea-wise, falls flat on execution. Most of the movie felt rather jumpy; I spent about half my time barely knowing what was even going on. Was it Batman versus Superman? Batman and Superman versus Lex Luthor? Batman and Superman versus desert terrorists? Yes, there was also a group of desert terrorists who did not have as much plot significance as Batman, Superman, and the other DC characters in the movie, yet appeared in more scenes than they really should have. For example, the “dream” scene between Batman and Superman which depicted Batman as one of the terrorists, resulting in Superman promptly ripping his mask off. This “dream” scene was purely a cinematic effect to raise the tensions between the two leads.

Many of the characters were painfully wooden and seemed to just blend in with each other. The only people who stood out were Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor, and the Editor-in-Chief at The Daily Planet, Perry White. However, the movie got more enjoyable with the action scenes, such as in the titular climactic clash between Batman and Superman. Overall the film was satisfactory, with plenty of good action scenes, yet falls far from being a great movie due to its jumpy and often confusing story.