Hardcore Henry

Spencer Peterson
IT Director

Recently, a movie came out in theaters that offered a very different form of film. Traditionally, a film follows multiple characters through the story’s happenings, and you see it through the eyes of the camera. Basically as if you were watching it all happen, which you are, but what if you were the camera, and you watched the movie from the eyes of one single character? This is where Hardcore Henry steps in.

Hardcore Henry is a first person action film. You follow the main character, Henry, after he wakes up in a lab where his wife is helping him get over a traumatic event that is not explained. After things go wrong, the villain of the movie appears and the movie proceeds to progress through its typical narrative, though this is not your average movie.

The first appeal for most was the new perspective. This raised questions of how it would be edited, would it be constant action, and would the story even matter. The movie seems like a gimmick if you look at it, but after seeing it, you realize that it is more than just a new idea. The story takes you through an odd, yet very intriguing story that is always through the eyes of your character, Henry. 

The story was better than expected, and the editing was also done very well. The crew knew that it needed to be a movie, and it showed. Like other action movies, the movie takes breaks, giving you more narrative, some bits of humor, and also cuts out things that you do not need to see, like the character getting from point A to point B. That being said, the movies action is definitely something to talk about.

The movie is rated R, and it is clear why. You get to see the first hand blood and gore of Henry killing his way to catch the villain, and they do not hold back. If blood is not your thing, this movie is not either. Hardcore Henry shows that there is a new type of film arising, and there is some work that needs to be done to master it; however, with a surprisingly good narrative, great acting and well created characters, this movie is something that fans of film need to see, and anyone looking for a new kind of action movie should also give it a shot.